Holmeleigh Farmyard

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Some of my favourite childhood memories are summer holidays spent in Port Elizabeth with my family and grandparents. My mum being originally from PE made it a family tradition to visit at least twice a year to see my grandparents, (When they weren’t visiting us in Cape Town) I fondly remember the almost tangible excitement […]

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Fresh air and outdoor hiking trails


Between photographing, re-branding, working on my new website and being a mommy to a (as of today) two year old, journaling was the last on my list of to-do’s. So this post is more than overdue. In a world where it’s near impossible to shield your child from technology, and let’s be honest – that […]

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And then one day I had a toddler…

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I’m always so busy… Busy planning my day, my week my month. In and out of meetings. Busy doing laundry. Busy editing. Busy photographing.  Just busy. Every task is done with the next one already in mind. Before you know it, a day, a week, months and a year have gone and you’re left feeling […]

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Snippets | Things I’d like to remember

“Parenthood: the scariest hood you’ll ever go through”    Rolling around on the grass with her daddy. I love how much she enjoys outdoor play  When she contracted a horrid Norovirus and was in isolation for 7 days. She was the bravest little 12 month old I ever did see.  Beautiful autumn sunsets  Date day […]

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To when she was just 7 weeks old

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I’m really such a sucker for throwbacks. Especially because I’m guilty of going back to old archived photos so often. It’s always so heartwarming and really gives me all kinds of feels looking at how tiny she was. I remember this time of our lives being so beautiful. So emotional. So frightening and yet so […]

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Well hello there.


Because amidst all the craziness, roller-coaster emotions, dirty laundry and sleepless nights, blogging seemed like a great idea to add to the craziness that is motherhood. I’ve wanted to start this for the longest time. A place to journal all my favourite memories. A curated space that my family can look back on fondly one […]

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